After the release of the "New World ModPack" way back in 2012, shorty after the development was forced to stop in 2014. I still get tons of messages over many places to update the pack and bring it back to its roots. Starting here, I will be trying my best to start a small team of people to maintain New World and bring the best game play experience we can.

This is the "Revived" version of the New World Mod Pack. Otherwise known as "New World Revived."

Goal of New World Revived

This modpack's main goal will be to bring the core game play of the original New World modpack back, better than ever. New World Revived strives to be a down to earth and technical style of gameplay. Looking at the mod list, you will not find any crazy magic mods, alternate universe or other mods of the sort. You will find classic, and engaging ways to build a functioning "New World" in Minecraft.

Another main focus will be the multiplayer option. My personal goal is to have a server best suited for New World's game play available for everyone who downloads this pack. While also making the option of personal or custom public servers to be a breeze to set up and get going yourself!



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